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Steyr Motors

Vielseitige und energieeffiziente Diesel- und Hybridmotoren aus Österreich.

Die folgende Tabelle gibt eine erste Übersicht über die Steyr-Produktpalette. Anklicken für Grossansicht.

Diesel, 4 Zylinder

Common Rail Direct Injection Diesel engines

- 4-stroke, turbocharged

- 2.1 lt displacement

- Power range: 59–129 kW

- Dry weight: 234 kg

- 85 mm bore, 94 mm stroke

- Dual circuit cooling/
   Internal & Fresh water cooling

- Advanced Common Rail technology for highest fuel efficiency

- Highest robustness and durability

- Smooth and quiet operation

- FEAD cover for increased safety

- Easy maintenance

- Extraordinary design with outstanding functionality.

Diesel, 6 Zylinder

Bei dieser Motorenserie kann das Antriebssystem frei gewählt werden: sterndrive, transmission and water jet system.

- Direct injection Diesel engines

- 4-stroke, turbocharged

- 3.2 lt displacement

- Power range: 88–215 kW

- Dry weight: 340 kg

- 85 mm bore, 94 mm stroke

- Dual circuit cooling/
  Fresh water cooling


- Dual circuit cooling system with corrosion resistant materials

- SOLAS approved, EPA Tier III certified, many other certificates

- Sterndrive packages with Bravo One, Two and Three available

- Various accessory and installation options & kits available: fuel density kit, additional alternators, AC compressor, preparation for keel cooling, etc.